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Stainless steel capillary

    Stainless steel capillary

  • Product type: Cold rolling of stainless steel

    Processing method: Argon arc welding, plasma welding, on-line annealing

    Surface treatment: Polished surface

    Product material: 304、316L

    Production size: φ3-10mm,S:0.3-1.0mm,L:2-4m(It can be customized according to the customer requirements)

    Production standard: ASTM A554    GB/T 12770-2012

Stainless steel capillary application:

1.It is used as injection needle tube and puncture needle tube in medical device industry and industrial tube for medical treatment.

2.It is used as temperature conductivity tube of temperature detector, tube for the sensor, thermometer bulb, instrument tube and electronic miniature tube in electronic industry.

3.It is used as jewelry perforating tube and the tube for miniature antenna and telescopic antenna in the industry.

Characteristic of Stainless steel capillary:

1.It has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.

2.It has excellent high temperature resistance, tensile resistance and waterproofness. In addition, it resists scaling.

3.Product combination is diversified. It is convenient for construction and assembly.

4.Stainless steel welded pipe is all-in-one-shaped. The structure is solid, durable and beautiful.


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