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Stainless steel seamless pipe

    Stainless steel seamless pipe

  • Product type: Hot rolling and pickling of stainless steel

    Processing method: heating, piercing, three-roll cross rolling

    Surface treatment: Annealing and pickling surface

    Product material: 304、316L

    Production size: φ10-323mm,S:2.0-20mm,L:5-7m

    Production standard: GB 3087-2008

Stainless steel seamless pipe application:

1.It is mainly used as fluid conveying pipe such as natural gas pipeline, water pipe, gas pipe and steam pipe in the industry.

2.It is used as superheated steam pipe and boiling water tube in medium and low pressure boiler.

3。It is used as water tube boiler heating surface for producing high pressure and above pressure in high pressure boiler。

4.It is widely used in furnace tube for oil cracking, geological drilling pipe and diamond core drilling pipe.

Characteristic of stainless steel seamless pipe:

1.The weld does not appear to hollow section and periphery.

2。The wall thickness exceeds ordinary welded pipe。 Furthermore, it has high compressive strength。

3.Product combination is diversified. It is convenient for construction and assembly.

4.Stainless steel welded pipe is all-in-one-shaped. The structure is solid, durable and beautiful.


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