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  • Product type: Hot rolling and pickling of stainless steel

    Processing method: Hot rolling,pickling,repair grinding and polishing

    Surface treatment: Annealing and pickling surface, polished surface

    Product material: 304、304L、316L

    Production size: φ10-120mm,S:3-30mm,L:6m(It can be customized according to the customer requirements)

    Production standard: GB/T 1220-2007

Stainless steel flat steel application:

Stainless steel flat steel can constitute a variety of different stressed members according to different structure needs。 It can also be used as connectors between components。 It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures such as the beam, the bridge, power transmission tower, hoisting and conveying machinery, the ship, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and goods shelf in warehouse。

Characteristic of Stainless steel flat steel:

1。Surface finish: Secondary high pressure water descaling process is used so as to ensure steel surface finish。 Surface finish of hot rolling stainless steel flat steel is good。

2.Special specification: The product specification span is dense and it can meet requirements of the user. It can replace medium plate. It can be welded directly without cutting.

3.Exact scale: Three-point difference and same grade difference is superior to steel plate standard. The product is straight and the plate profile is good.

4.Two sides are vertical. Edges and corners are clear. Two-way slab edging in finish rolling ensures good verticality of two sides and good surface quality of clearance angle and the edge.


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